The time for feminist politics is now

Feminist politics center the principle that no one is to be discriminated under any circumstance. With this principle, feminist politics introduces  a critical dimension, which is currently lacking from politics.  Feminist politics understands gender equality, human rights, and the abolition of all forms of oppression, as an ultimate goal, which can not be realized without distinct political action. It is not enough that political parties commit to equality, if they lack the concrete tools and analysis by which it can be achieved. Feminist politics makes itself crucial  in a political climate where equality is being rolled back. As the Feminist Party, we offer the means with which to achieve a society free from  all forms of oppression. We intend to realize this goal during our lifetimes. Read here The Feminist Party 2019 EU Election Platform.

Our goals

Feminist politics strive for a society, where everyone has an equal opportunity with everyone else to realize their full potential regardless of gender, genderlessness, attributes prescribed on their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, class, religion or conviction, gender expression, gender identity, age, or nationality. Our politics focus on three primary pillars: gender equality, human rights, and human security.


Currently, political parties are committed to equality, but they lack the concrete politics to actualize it. Rather than advancing equality, we have witnessed a severe regression in it and a substantial increase in societal injustice. The Feminist Party aims to strengthen the opportunities for women to gain equal employment and pay. The Feminist Party also aims to shorten the work day in order for labor and parenting to be more equally distributed and combined with employment.


Racism and discrimination are omnipresent forms of structural inequality. Access to housing and the labor market are significantly hindered if you don’t bear the ‘right’ name or color of skin. Many different kinds of families are not recognized by the rigid definitions of ‘family’ in legislation and directives. Day to day life can also be hindered if you don’t fit the invisible norm of an able bodied person. As the Feminist Party, we aim to abolish discrimination, update the definition of a ‘family’ to reflect the multiplicity of society, dismantle the laws that govern gender, and build a society accessible to everyone.


People seeking refuge at the borders of Europe are dying and being killed. Violence against women is a global phenomenon and one of the biggest threats to individual security in Finland. Climate chaos poses a threat to everyone, especially for the poor, women, and indigenous peoples. We aim to secure the right to life and safety/shelter for everyone. We demand a security policy that is not defined by militarism and national borders; instead, we demand a security policy that centers the sovereignty of each person.

Why a new political party?

Conventional politics have been crafted to cater to the needs of specific interests groups and that have defined their politics in relation to capital and class interests. Conventional political ideologies have not, however, succeeded in solving discrimination, sexism and racism, which are known phenomenons in both capitalist and socialist societies. Unequal pay exists at all wage and salary levels.  Gendered violence and violence against all minorities exists in all social classes. Entrance to the labour market is impeded for the children of immigrants. The discrimination against disabled people is a barrier that prevents equal access to participation in society and decision-making. Children, youth, and the elderly are cast aside in a society in which political power is primarily wielded by middle-aged people.

The differences between people are a lived reality which needs to be reflected in political decision making. We need a new political force that challenges existing ideologies and builds a just society for everyone.

Join us!

Do you want to hear more, and maybe take part in forming our policies? You can participate by becoming a member or by joining our growing numbers of volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Feminist Party in the upcoming elections, click here.

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